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Woody Allen on Woody Allen: In Conversation With Stig Bjorkman

by Steve Labinski

This best so-far Woody Allen biography is filled with frank and enlightening discussion.

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     Softcover Book
Woody Allen on Woody Allen

Softcover Book (November, 1995)
Publisher: Grove Press
ISBN: 0802134254

Fans of Woody Allen have long waited to hear him tell us in his own words about his life, his tastes, and his films, but until recently he has been reluctant to give lengthy interviews. This book is the conversation we've been waiting for, a dialogue with Stig Bjorkman in which Allen speaks openly about himself and his art. Bjorkman invites the writer/director to talk at length about his lesser-known movies as well as his famous ones. We also learn about Allen's filmmaking technique, his feelings about his stock company of actors, his influences, and why Stardust Memories and The Purple Rose of Cairo are his two personal favorites.

From Publishers Weekly:
In this collection of interviews with Bjorkman, a Swedish filmmaker, Allen emerges as a disciplined worker, far different from his famed persona as self-pitying and neurotic. The book will delight-and relieve-his fans. Allen discusses his craft and ouevre, with a chapter devoted to each film in chronological order from Take the Money and Run to Manhattan Murder Mystery. He recommends "Socratic" learning rather than film school and reveals that he once did many takes but now, with increased confidence, infrequently reshoots scenes. He defends his portrayals of blacks against criticism from African American groups that he casts them only as menial characters, explains that his temperament determines the length of his films ("Scorsese's body rhythm is longer") and knocks American movie reviewers who "gush tremendously over populist junk films." There's virtually nothing here about his recently turbulent personal life, though Allen comments that, "one must be very lucky" to achieve a deep, lasting relationship.

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