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Purple Rose of Cairo - 1985

La Rose pourpre du Caire
Genre: Comedy
Run Time: 84 minutes

Film Synopsis
A popular movie, the movie essentially repeats the same anecdote over and over.

It is the middle of the Depression in the thirties. Cecilia earns a few dollars at a local drugstore. Unhappy with her marraige, and her life, she regularly escapes to the exotic world of the movies. She goes to see the romantic adventure film The Purple Rose of Cairo, and where her hero literally steps out of the screen and into her life.

Main Cast

  • Mia Farrow .... Cecilia
  • Jeff Daniels .... Tom Baxter, Gil Shepherd
  • Danny Aiello .... Monk
  • Irving Metzman .... Theater Manager
  • Stephanie Farrow .... Cecilia's Sister
  • David Kieserman .... Diner Boss
  • Paul Herman .... Penny Pitcher
  • Rick Petrucelli .... Penny Pitcher

Full Cast & Credits

Movie Remarks

One of the high points of Woody Allen's career. Cecilia (Mia Farrow), a depression-era waitress married to a brutish husband (Danny Aiello), finds her only escape at the movies, her current favorite being a light comedy about an explorer among socialites, called The Purple Rose of Cairo. She sees it so many times that the main character, Tom Baxter (Jeff Daniels), falls in love with her and steps off the screen to woo her. When news of this gets back to the movie studio, the producers send the actor who played Baxter (also Daniels) to convince Baxter to get back on the screen. The script is one of Allen's funniest, but underlying the whole story is a current of sadness that gives the movie's ending a surprising impact. Allen himself considers The Purple Rose of Cairo to be his personal favorite of his own films. A gem. --Bret Fetzer of Amazon.com

Purple Rose of Cairo Movie Trivia & Awards

Many fans already know that the Purple Rose of Cairo is one of Woody Allen's stated favorites. But did you also know....

Budget: $15m

$10.6m (USA)
Filming Date: November, 1983 - February, 1984
Release Date: March 1, 1985 (USA) August 23, 1985 (Sweeden), August 16, 1985 (Finland), October 3, 1985 (West Germany)

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