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A Midsummer Night's Sex Comedy - 1982

Comédie érotique d'une nuit d'été
Eine Sommernachts-Sexkomödie
Genre: Comedy
Run Time: 88 minutes

Film Synopsis

Andrew (Woody Allen) and his wife, Adrian (Mary Steenburgen), welcome two pairs of guests to their country home for a weekend of leisure. Aging college professor Leopold (Jose Ferrer) is engaged to Ariel (Mia Farrow - her first Woody Allen film). Promiscuous dentist Tony Roberts brings along horny nurse Julie Hagerty (who worked this movie into her schedule between AIRPLANE! and AIRPLANE II: THE SEQUEL). Three couples in all, but all of the men are interested in their counterpart's lovers. Woody wants Mia, Jose wants Julie and Tony has already slept with Mary.

All three of the men are after Mia -- Jose because he's marrying her, Woody because he regrets not acting on his emotions years ago when he could, and Tony because he immediately falls in love with her. Meanwhile, Jose tries to persuade Julie into being his last affair before his upcoming marriage. Mary seeks to reignite the passion into her marriage with Woody.

Main Cast

  • Woody Allen .... Andrew
  • Mia Farrow .... Ariel
  • José Ferrer .... Leopold
  • Julie Hagerty .... Dulcy
  • Tony Roberts .... Maxwell
  • Mary Steenburgen .... Adrian
  • Adam Redfield .... Student Foxx
  • Moishe Rosenfeld .... Mr. Hayes
  • Timothy Jenkins .... Mr. Thomson
  • Michael Higgins .... Reynolds
  • Sol Frieder .... Carstairs
  • Boris Zoubok .... Purvis
  • Thomas Barbour .... Blint
  • Kate McGregor-Stewart .... Mrs. Baker

Full Cast & Credits

Movie Remarks

In A Midsummer Night's Sex Comedy, Woody Allen mixes Shakespeare, Ingmar Bergman, and the music and art of the turn of the century. Allen plays Andrew, an inventor, whose listless marriage to Adrian (Mary Steenburgen) has lost all erotic zip. He welcomes two pairs of friends to his country home: college professor Leopold (José Ferrer) and his fiance Ariel (Mia Farrow), and dentist Maxwell (Tony Roberts) and his suffragette nurse Dulcy (Julie Hagerty).

Before long, everyone's lusting after everyone else's partner, and the plot twists and turns to a happy and magical conclusion. It's a light and airy film, perhaps a deliberate break from Allen's previous production, the caustic Stardust Memories; but the tone may also be due to his new relationship with Farrow, who went on to star in Allen's films for the next 10 years.

--Bret Fetzer from Amazon.com

Movie Trivia & Awards:

Many fans already know that Star Trek's Brent Spiner has a bit part in this, his first film. But did you also know....

Release Date: July 16, 1982 (USA) December 25, 1982 (Sweeden), October 29, 1982 (Finland)

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