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Another Woman - 1988

Director: Woody Allen
Production Company: Jack Rollins & Charles H. Joffe Productions

Une autre femme

Eine andere Frau

Genre: Drama
Run Time: 84 minutes

Film Synopsis

Gena Rowlands plays a philosophy professor who overhears a therapy session in the next-door office via an air vent. The chance observation causes her to reflect upon lies and deceptions in her own life.

Main Cast Noteables

Gena Rowlands
Marion Post
Mia Farrow
Ian Holm
Blythe Danner
Gene Hackman
Larry Lewis
Betty Buckley
Martha Plimpton
John Houseman
Marion's Father
Sandy Dennis
David Ogden Stiers
Young Marion's Father
Philip Bosco
Harris Yulin
Frances Conroy
Fred Melamed
Patient's Voice/Engagement Party Guest
Kenneth Welsh
Full Cast & Credits

Movie Remarks

by 4 out of 5 stars
Gina Rowlands moves this Woody Allen drama.
Reviewer: April 24, 2009
Another Woman, like Allen's other early dramas, remains quite underrated. Actually this movie arguably broke through the intense plasticness of his earlier September and Interiors.

Gena Rowlands' performance as a philosophy professor overhears through the air vents the painful sessions of a psychiatrist next door keeps steals the show with a quiet intensity that envelops the rest of the ensenble cast, that also includeas Gene Hackman and Ian Holm, who plays her husband.

Allen had, like his protagonist, recently turned 50, and the sense of personal stocktaking here is much more compelling--and much less self-indulgent--than in a lot of his other films. Surely the magisterial presence of Rowlands made a big difference. Sandy Dennis makes an appearance as an old acress friend who dispises her, and John Houseman as her widower father. Like Lloyd Nolan's in Hannah and Her Sisters and Keye Luke's in Alice, Houseman's turned out to be a valedictory performance. We cherish it--along with the inspired casting of David Ogden Stiers as, in effect, the younger John Houseman.

Another Woman Movie Trivia & Awards:

Many fans already know that this was John Hauseman's last film. But did you also know....

$1.562m (USA)
Release Date: November 18, 1989 (USA) March 1, 1989 (France - Une autre femme), March 16, 1989 (West Germany - Eine andere Frau), July 18, 1989 (Finland), March 17, 1989 (Sweeden)

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