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Hannah and Her Sisters - 1986

Hannah et ses soeurs
Hannah und ihre Schwestern
Genre: Comedy
Run Time: 103 minutes

Film Synopsis

Hannah and Her Sisters is an intricate, well-constructed drama with liberal amounts of comedy within. The film begins at a Thanksgiving family dinner. Elliot (Michael Caine) looks at Lee (Barbara Hershey), his wife's sister and thinks "God, she's beautiful." He becomes infatuated with Lee, despite his being married to her sister, and her living with a moody artist (Max von Sydow).

The film's three sisters, Lee, Hannah and Holly, live out an elegant, funny and often tender story during the ensuing year. Many consider this movie to be one of Allen's best.

Main Cast

  • Barbara Hershey .... Lee
  • Carrie Fisher .... April
  • Michael Caine .... Elliot
  • Mia Farrow .... Hannah
  • Dianne Wiest .... Holly
  • Maureen O'Sullivan .... Norma
  • Lloyd Nolan .... Evan
  • Max von Sydow .... Frederick
  • Woody Allen .... Mickey Sachs
  • Daniel Stern .... Dusty
  • Julie Kavner .... Gail
  • Joanna Gleason .... Carol
  • Bobby Short .... Himself
  • Lewis Black .... Paul
  • Julia Louis-Dreyfus .... Mary
Full Cast & Credits

Movie Remarks

Considered by many to be Woody Allen's best film, even over Annie Hall, Hannah and Her Sisters follows a multitude of characters:  Hannah (Mia Farrow), who plays den mother to her extended family; her sister Lee (Barbara Hershey), emotional and a bit of a flake, who's involved with a much older artist (Max Von Sydow), who treats her like a child; and her sister, Holly (Dianne Wiest), a neurotic who feels incapable of managing her life.

Hannah's husband Elliot (Michael Caine) falls in love with Lee, which sets off a series of upheavals. Allen gives one of his best performances as Hannah's ex-husband Mickey who, much like Allen himself, is obsessed with death and unhappiness. But a simple summary doesn't begin to capture the warmth and intimacy of this movie. Though the story follows a capsizing family, the outcome is surprising, joyous, and richly human.

--Bret Fetzer from Amazon.com

Hannah and Her Sisters Movie Trivia & Awards:

Many fans know that Hannah's apartment was actually Mia Farrow's apartment. But did you also know....

Budget: $6.4m

$40.084m (USA)
Release Date: February 7, 1986 (USA), May 21, 1986 (France - Hannah et ses soeurs), July 25, 1986 (Sweden), August 15, 1986 (Finland), October 2, 1986 (West Germany - Hannah und ihre Schwestern)

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