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More Films:
Casablanca - 1942

Director: Michael Curtiz
Genre: Drama / Romance
Run Time: 102 minutes

Film Remarks:

No film is more beloved than Casablanca. It has just been given special treatment in a two-disc special DVD edition from Warner Home Video. The quality of the film is absolutely perfect. As the camera pans down a backlot in the first scene, the viewer can use the DVD player's Zoom feature to actually read the words La Bonne Odeur in a sign over a perfume shop.

More memories reinforced in this romance -- Ingrid Bergman looks stunning dressed in white at the front door of Rick's cafe, and Dooley Wilson plays the famous opening bars of "As Time Goes By."

In addition to the movie, the new DVD set contains a wealth of extras: deleted scenes, 10 minutes of recently discovered outtakes, a documentary narrated by Lauren Bacall called You Must Remember This, and a clever 1995 Bugs Bunny cartoon called Carrotblanca.

There is also an interesting audio-only radio show version that stars Bogart, Bergman and Paul Henreid, and a peculiar find, the premier episode from the failed 1955 television series. Considered by many to be the greatest Hollywood movie ever made, one can see why it impressed future moviemakers, like Woody Allen, to include it so prominently in his own films.

Main Cast:

  • Humphrey Bogart .... Rick Blaine
  • Ingrid Bergman .... Ilsa Lund Laszlo
  • Paul Henreid .... Victor Laszlo
  • Claude Rains .... Capt. Louis Renault
  • Conrad Veidt .... Maj. Heinrich Strasser
  • Sydney Greenstreet .... Signor Ferrari
  • Peter Lorre .... Guillermo Ugarte
  • S.Z. Sakall .... Carl (Rick's Cafe manager) (as S.K. Sakall)
  • Madeleine LeBeau .... Yvonne
  • Dooley Wilson .... Sam
  • Joy Page .... Annina Brandel
  • John Qualen .... Berger (Norwegian underground member)
  • Leonid Kinskey .... Sascha (bartender at Rick's Cafe)
  • Curt Bois .... Pickpocket

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It's hard to believe that when Casablanca was filmed at Warner Bros. Studios in 1942 it was just another of the 50 or so films that the studio was producing every year, as Lauren Bacall points out in the documentary about the film included in the special features. The movie was an instant success with audiences everywhere, and won three Academy Awards including Best Picture. Called "America's most popular and beloved movie -- and rightly so" by The Motion Picture Guide, and "The best Hollywood movie of all time" by Leonard Maltin, Casablanca was voted the #2 film in a list of the top 100 films of this century by the American Film Institute.

Set in refugee-strewn French North Africa in 1942, Rick Blaine (Humphrey Bogart), a night club owner, and his friend Captain Louis Renault (Claude Rains), Prefect of Police, enter into a wager as to whether or not Resistance Leader Victor Laslo (Paul Henreid) will be able to escape Casablanca and reach the Free World. When Laslo arrives in Casablanca, Rick is stunned to find him accompanied by his ex-lover, Ilsa Lund (Ingrid Bergman). Filled with mystery, suspense, intrigue and romance, Casablanca will remain a favorite of classic movie lovers for years to come.

The supporting cast includes Conrad Veidt, Sydney Greenstreet, Peter Lorre and Dooley Wilson as Rick's piano-playing confidant, Sam. The entire cast is superb, the settings are excellent, and the cinematography is wonderful.

The song "As Time Goes By" was made famous by Casablanca, as its melody is entwined throughout the film, and it too is now a classic, filled with romance and nostalgia.

This is one film that absolutely MUST be in your DVD library! --from Amazon.com

Film Trivia & Quotes - Casablanca:
I remember every detail. The Germans wore gray. You wore blue.


Release Date: November 26, 1942 (New York City), January 23, 1943 (Los Angeles), October 11, 1942 (Greece), May 23, 1947 (France), August 29, 1952 (West Germany)

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