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Radio Days - 1987

Genre: Comedy
Run Time: 85 minutes

Film Synopsis

Woody Allen narrates a nostaligic look back at growing up in a close-knit Jewish family in Brooklyn during the fourties. This film is his perspective of his own childhood, majestically projected into a five star movie. The stories in the film are all framed by the radio music and radio shows of the time. The easy-going pace, nostalgic humor and wity storytelling combine to make this one of his most enduring movies.

The film's soundtrack, a collection of radio music from Cole Porter, Frank Sinatra and Irving Berlin has consistently remained in print since the film's original release.

Main Cast

  • Don Pardo .... 'Guess That Tune' Host
  • Martin Rosenblatt .... Mr. Needleman
  • Helen Miller .... Mrs. Needleman
  • Julie Kavner .... Mother
  • Julie Kurnitz .... Irene
  • David Warrilow .... Roger
  • Wallace Shawn .... Masked Avenger
  • Michael Murray .... Avenger Crook
  • William Flanagan .... Avenger Announcer
  • Seth Green .... Joe
  • Michael Tucker .... Father
  • Josh Mostel .... Abe

Full Cast & Credits

Movie Remarks

cover A sweet and clever combination of anecdotes and autobiography, Radio Days draws heavily on Woody Allen's childhood. Fittingly, the unfolding episodes are woven together by music--lovely hits of the 1940s like "In the Mood" and "That Old Feeling."

Some episodes are built around radio itself (like the burglars who answer the phone in a house they're burgling and win a radio contest), and others center on the life of a young Jewish boy (Seth Green, clearly playing a version of Allen himself as a child). Though light in tone, Radio Days is an ambitious re-creation not simply of an era, but of radio itself. Nowadays radio is little more than a way to sell pop tunes, but it used to transmit dreams; watching this movie, you get a taste of how inspiring this simpler medium could be.

--Bret Fetzer on Amazon.com

Radio Days Movie Trivia & Awards

Movie trivia and list of awards for Radio Days.

$14.792m (USA)
Release Date: January 30, 1987 (USA) July 31, 1987 (Sweeden), August 7, 1987 (Finland), October 1, 1987 (West Germany)

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