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Mighty Aphrodite - 1995

Geliebte Aphrodite
Genre: Comedy
Run Time: 98 minutes

Film Synopsis

Lenny (Woody Allen) is a sports writer who is persuaded by his wife Amanda (Helena Bonham Carter) to adopt a baby. As the child grows older, Lenny becomes obsessed with finding the parents of the child, and embarks on a minor odyssey to meet them, despite the warning of the Greek Chorus. Eventually he manages to track down the biological mother of his child, Linda Ash (Mira Sorvino), who lacks all of the qualities which Lenny's son seems to posses.

She also turns out to be an unintelligent and extremely perverted prostitute. Needless to say, this causes much grief for Lenny and he tries to change her into a wholesome lady so that he can romantically pair her with Kevin (Michael Rapaport), an equally dim boxer.

Main Cast:

  • F. Murray Abraham .... Leader
  • Woody Allen .... Lenny
  • Helena Bonham Carter .... Amanda
  • J. Smith-Cameron .... Bud's Wife
  • Steven Randazzo .... Bud
  • David Ogden Stiers .... Laius
  • Olympia Dukakis .... Jocasta
  • Jeffrey Kurland .... Oedipus

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Film Remarks

Allen utilized the conventions of classic Greek drama and comedy to put his spin on modern romance. Mira Sorvino won an Oscar for her performance as a bubbleheaded hooker and porn star who happens to be the mother of a bright young boy adopted by a Manhattan couple (Woody Allen and Helena Bonham Carter). The story finds Allen's sportswriter character becoming curious about the identity of his son's biological mom, and he strikes up a relationship with her without revealing why. This 27th feature written and directed by Allen is a nice combination of smart comedy and some of the wackier energy of his earliest movies. (Between scenes, there's a running gag involving a Greek chorus--actually filmed among some real Greek ruins--who do song-and-dance interpretations of the script's events.) This isn't Allen at his best, but it is a fine minor work graced by Sorvino's spin on the cinema's archetypal dumb blonde.

--Tom Keogh from Amazon.com with WAM.

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$6.7m (USA)
Release Date: September 13, 1995 (Toronto Film Festival), October 27, 1995 (USA), February 14, 1996 (France), March 29, 1996 (Sweeden), August 15, 1996 (Germany), August 30, 1996 (Finland), January 31, 1997 (South Africa), October 9, 1997 (Hungary)

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