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Everyone Says I Love You - 1996

Tout le monde dit I love you
Alle sagen: I Love You

Genre: Comedy
Run Time: 101 minutes

Film Synopsis

An expatriate writer living in Paris (Woody Allen) maintains a strangely close relationship with his ex-wife (Goldie Hawn) and her current husband (Alan Alda). While on a vacation in Venice with his daughter, Allen meets Von (Julia Roberts) and pursues a romance with her.

Meanwhile, back in New York, Alda and Hawn's daughter Barrymore is about to marry a junior lawyer (Ed Norton) only to get her affections diverted by a just-released convicted murderer (Tim Roth).

Main Cast

  • Edward Norton .... Holden Spence
  • Drew Barrymore .... Schuyler Dandridge
  • Diva Gray .... Nanny
  • Ami Almendral .... Nanny
  • Madeline Balmaceda .... Nanny
  • Vivian Cherry .... Nurse
  • Tommie Baxter .... Old Woman
  • Jeff DeRocker .... Homeless Man (as Jeff Derocker)
  • Cherylyn Jones .... Mannequin
  • Tina Paul .... Mannequin/Harry Winston Dancer
  • Vikki Schnurr .... Mannequin
  • Natasha Lyonne .... D.J. Dandridge
  • Kevin Hagan .... Doorman
  • Alan Alda .... Bob Dandridge
  • Gaby Hoffmann .... Lane Dandridge

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Film Remarks

Writer-director Woody Allen has produced yet another challenging and funny film, this time taking on the musical genre and bending it to his own unique vision. The result is one of the most charming films in recent years, as Allen assembles a typically sterling ensemble cast to evoke the romanticism of years past. This time, the large cast (including Alan Alda, Drew Barrymore, Goldie Hawn, Edward Norton, and Tim Roth) not only turn in funny and touching performances, but they sing the classic songs of the 1930s and 1940s themselves, and sing them very well.

The plot centers on an extended family in New York and their various romantic entanglements, including Allen's pursuit of Julia Roberts through the streets of Paris and the canals of Venice. The musical numbers are the film's high point, displaying wonderful choreography ranging from a room full of dancing Groucho Marxes to a dancing couple in flight at the banks of the Seine. Everyone Says I Love You is a witty and entertaining fantasy, and a truly romantic escape.

--Robert Lane on Amazon.com

Everyone Says I Love You Movie Trivia & Awards

Many fans already know that this is Woody's full-fledged musical. But did you also know....


Budget: $20m (USA)

$9.714m (USA), $16.104m (non-USA)
ITL 5,004,513,000 (Italy)
Release Date: December 6, 1996 (NYC / LA), January 3, 1997 (USA), February 12, 1996 (France), August 14, 1997 (Germany), August 15, 1997 (Austria), September 5, 1997 (Denmark), September 5, 1997 (Finland)

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