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Bananas - 1971

Director: Woody Allen
Production Company: Jack Rollins & Charles H. Joffe Productions
Il dittatore dello Stato libero di Bananas
Genre: Comedy
Run Time: 82 minutes

Film Synopsis

One of Allen's most enduring and popular comedies. A consumer products tester named Fielding Mellish becomes infatuated with a political activist (Louise Lasser). He attends demonstrations and tries in other ways to convince her that he is worthy of her love, but Nancy wants someone with greater leadership potential. Fielding runs off to San Marcos where he joins the rebels and eventually becomes President of the country.

While on a trip to the United States, he meets Nancy again and she falls for him now that he is a political leader.

Main Cast Noteables

Woody Allen
Fielding Mellish
Louise Lasser
Carlos Montalbn
General Emilio M. Vargas
Natividad Abascal
Jacobo Morales
Miguel Ángel Suárez
Luis (as Miguel Suarez)
David Ortiz
René Enríquez
Jack Axelrod
Howard Cosell
Roger Grimsby
Don Dunphy
Charlotte Rae
Mrs. Mellish
Stanley Ackerman
Dr. Al Mellish
Dan Frazer
Full Cast & Credits

Movie Remarks

by January 14, 2010
4 out of 5 stars
Everyone is still bananas about Woody Allen's Bananas.
Woody Allen hits his professional stride as both a comedy writer and movie director with his 1971 film Bananas, the third and last movie that he co-wrote with long time comedy collaborator Mickey Rose. The result is a Marx Brothers-style farce that's wild and unpredictable. Allen plays Fielding Mellish, who can't quite connect with the woman of his dreams, played by his ex-wife Louise Lasser.

After a series on scenes, he accidentally winds up in South America as a freedom fighter for a Fidel Castro-esqe guerrilla leader

Once he assumes power, the new dictator quickly goes insane--which leaves Fielding in charge to negotiate with the U.S. The film is chockfull of wonderfully bizarre gags, such as the dreams Fielding recounts to his shrink about dueling crucified messiahs, vying for a parking place near Wall Street. The film also includes the still unknown Sylvester Stallone in a small, funny role. Even decades later, the public still seems bananas about Bananas.
Bananas Movie Poster

Bananas Film Trivia & Awards

Many people know that an early Sylvester Stallone makes a tiny appearance in this film. But did you also know....

Budget: $2m (USA)

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