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Woody Allen's Breakfast Regime Ignites Stir

by Lucas Everidge - April 9, 2005

Woody Allen remarked on his unchanging breakfast habits during the opening release of Melinda and Melinda, sparking comments that this is yet another example of the film director's obsessive compulsive behavior. The British-based women's community website Female First reported the eye-opening news with a grain of salt.

The Hollywood legend has prepared the same breakfast in the same way every day for more than 50 years - and is too scared to break the habit in case it brings him bad luck.

The funnyman said: "For breakfast I have freshly squeezed orange juice, followed by a bowl of Cheerios with skimmed milk and raisins. And I always have a sliced banana on top."

"This is going to sound silly, given that I am a complete rationalist with no religious belief whatsoever. But I always cut my morning banana into seven slices. It's my only superstition. I've always done it - ever since I was a child - and now I'm afraid not to in case something terrible happens and I upset the delicate balance of the universe."

The 69-year-old director says his obsessive behaviour extends into every aspect of his life, reports the website.

The Oscar-winning star admitted that his wife, Soon-Yi, struggles to live with his bizarre compulsions, making it difficult for him to act spontaneously.

Allen noted in an interview with Britain's Sunday Telegraph newspaper: "My wife does complain about how routine I can be. If it was up to me I would always do everything exactly the same way."

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